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After the Rupture: “Replacing Rapture with Enrapture”

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

My son Brian has an excellent post about a proper Christian response to this May 21 phenomenon. He says, in part:

It is so easy to mock the pending doomsday prophets, but we are terrible Christians if we don’t feel a profound sense of sadness for these creatures made in God’s image. The whole situation feels ridiculous, but to the people who are truly hoping for God to rescue them on Saturday, this is not a simple matter; we are talking about people’s core beliefs about who God is and how God acts in the world, beliefs that will be ruptured, not raptured, come Saturday.

The appropriate Christian response is not to condemn or mock the followers of this skewed religion, but to live an articulation of God’s current and impending restoration of all that was declared good. We can declare in word and deed that we are not hoping for a rapture to deliver us to some distant world while leaving the rest behind, but for an in-breaking of God’s space into ours, that we may be enraptured by God’s presence amid this place. This is the dream of Scripture so beautifully breathed by God. Its haunting truth can make us quake in awe, not terror, of a God who invites us to join in by being joined to the church, Christ’s body on earth. May the purifying fire reign down and rain down on us through a fascination with the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection, a fire that consumes what is evil and broken and leaves us cleansed vessels. May our lives be a burning bush, animated by this fire yet not destroyed, illuminating a dark world.

Luther and the End of the World

Friday, May 20th, 2011

According to legend (a recent one, as I understand it), Martin Luther once said that if he knew that the world was ending tomorrow, he would:

1. hide in his old monastery
2. kiss his wife
3. hug his children
4. visit his mother
5. take a walk
6. plant an apple tree
7. preach a sermon
8. pray the Lord’s prayer
9. recite the 10 commandments
10. drill his church members on his shorter catechism
11. sing “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”
12. try to convert as many infidels as possible
13. nail some more theses on a door
14. say, “those darn Anabaptists were right after all!”
15. have a cold one

And the answer is…?

Harold Camping (Family Radio) or Harold Attridge (Yale)

Friday, May 20th, 2011

You can hear Attridge, Yale NT professor and Dean, respond briefly to the other Harold et al here. (HT James McGrath)