“Becoming the Gospel” is Out

For all who may be interested, you may now order my newest book, Becoming the Gospel: Paul, Participation, and Mission, from Eerdmans (the publisher), Amazon, or your good theological bookstore, such as Hearts and Minds Books in Dallastown, PA.

The “thesis” of the book is pretty straightforward:

The central claim, found in the title — Becoming the Gospel: Paul, Participation, and Mission — is that already in the first Christian century the apostle Paul wanted the communities he addressed not merely to believe the gospel but to become the gospel and thereby to advance the gospel.

I will let Chris Tilling of St. Mellitus College and author of Paul’s Divine Christology say something about the book:

Combining exegesis of Paul’s letters with hermeneutics and missiology, Gorman throws new light on old debates such as those involving the language of God’s righteousness and various participatory themes. . . . Gorman writes in ways that resonate with the missional concerns of the gospel itself.

Cover-Becoming the Gospel

When asked who should read this book, I have responded “Everyone!” :-) Everyone!
First of all pastors, seminary students, and lay leaders in the churches. This is challenging but readable material. I want to spark conversations in the church. Secondly, biblical scholars, missiologists, theologians, and others who teach in and influence the various fields of study that come together in this book.

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  1. Garrett Tyson says:

    Dr. Gorman, this maybe isn’t exactly the right place for this, but I’m wondering if you’ve found any specific missions organizations that adopt a “thicker” understanding of the gospel and faith. Part of being a good steward has to include giving money to groups that more accurately teach people what it means to be a Christian (and Christian community), but in my own small Christian circle the focus is much more on admitting you are a sinner than repentance; it’s more about “believing” certain things are true about Jesus than entrusting your life to him, and it’s much more about Jesus being Savior than Lord.



  2. MJG says:


    There are lots of great ministries with “thick” understandings of the gospel. The best way to find out is to read up on those you are interested in–web sites have good information these days. Look for commitments to the full breadth of salvation/the gospel.

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