Advent 2011

Happy New Year! (That’s right; it’s the beginning of the Christian New Year.) As Advent 2011 begins, I am sensing a genuine renewal of interest, in many circles, about taking and keeping Advent seriously–even among non-liturgical folks.

I’ll be speaking about this at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Odenton, MD, which is literally in my backyard. (Our yard adjoins the church property.) The title of the talk: “Reclaiming Advent: A Spiritual Season for a Secular Age.” The talk is sponsored by all the Catholic churches in the area and is open to all. After all, the speaker is Methodist.

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  1. Peter says:

    Happy New Year! My family and are celebrating Advent together, as a family, for the first time. I’m really looking forward it. We have some daily readings in Spanish but unfortunately no calendar (I do like those).

  2. MJG says:


  3. Bruce says:

    Is there any chance of a typescript or audio link being posted? It sounds like a very interesting talk.

  4. Betty says:

    I echo Bruce’s comment of December 3.
    How about posting the script or providing an opportunity for those of us who did not hear the address to read it. Not only is the topic interesting, but it is also necessary for today’s world.

  5. MJG says:

    Thanks, all. See next post!

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