Civil Religion Watch Continues: Former President G.W. Bush

Thanks to Mike Bird for posting this quote and critique from John Piper (he of anti-N.T. Wright fame) over at Euangelion:

“In January President Bush sacrificed the meaning of Matthew 5:14 on the altar of national pride, when he said to the National Religious Broadcasters in defense of the Gulf war, ‘I want to thank you for helping America, as Christ ordained, to be a light unto the world.’ What that amounts to is an outrageous distortion of Jesus’ meaning. That misuse of Scripture is designed for immature babes that are easily swayed by surface words without thought and discernment. The ‘light of the world’ in Matthew 5:14 does not refer to Americans bombing Iraq no matter how justified the war may have been.”

The one thing GWB probably got right is that he was aided and abetted in his distorted, demonic (sorry, I don’t mean to be overly dramatic) propaganda by the religious broadcasters.

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  1. MJG says:

    Thanks, Tyler. Well said, especially about the elements…

  2. Scarlet Ryser says:

    Religion is of course very important becuase it also helps us to be a good person for others. it doesnt matter what kind of religion you have, as long as it promotes goodness. ;**:,


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