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And the link to the book once again.

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  1. Mike,

    This looks great! I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  2. MJG says:

    Thanks, Matt. Hope you like it.

    How’s the fam?

  3. Clay Knick says:

    My copy should arrive Wed. or Thurs.

  4. Siufung says:

    Mike, will this be available in the UK or Australia soon? I am trying to order it online from the UK, because I can save on postage.

  5. MJG says:


    I will pass that question on to the publisher? The official release date is January, so it may be a while. But I’ll try to find out and/or arrange something.

  6. Will it be available at SBL?

  7. MJG says:

    Yes, Tyler it was also at AAR.

    Had a book signing and discussion Friday evening at the seminary. It was good!

  8. Luke says:

    Dr. Gorman,

    I’m really excited about reading your new book. Your 2 Paul books and the exegesis book are amazing. May I ask, what other writing projects are you currently working on? What can we expect to see written by Michael Gorman within the next few years? Perhaps you can do a separate blog post about it…

  9. MJG says:


    Thanks for the comment, and glad the book on exegesis and the books on Paul have been useful. (There are actually four on Paul. :-) )

    I’m hesitant to say much about current writing projects, as there are several in embryonic stages and some taking shape as we speak. Suffice it to say that I am working on something on Paul for pastors and other church leaders; something on the entire New Testament; and another scholarly work on Paul. In between all of that, there are of course articles and lectures here and there, some of which will appear in print over the next year or so.

    I will take your suggestion and blog on some of these things when they are a little further along!

  10. Luke says:

    I knew you had written 4 so I don’t know what I was thinking! I only have 2, and perhaps I was only thinking about broad Pauline books and nothing specific (like cruciformity or theosis).

    I understand about the writing projects. It sounds like you’re just beginning quite a bit of stuff. Taking things slow is certainly good because the quality of your work is always so thorough. Some guys come out with 4 books a year, and it shows in their work. Please don’t get that way! I also really appreciate the way you always have the church in mind when you write and not just the academy and want to encourage you to continue that. The work on the entire NT sounds particularly intriguing, so I’m highly anticipating hearing more about that.

  11. MJG says:

    Thanks, Luke. May I ask what you yourself do?

    All the best.

  12. Luke says:

    I am actually in my final year working on a ThM with an OT concentration at Dallas Theological Seminary. Yeah yeah, I know, “dispensational,” “rapture,” “pre-millennial,” etc etc. Trust me, I’m none of the above (which is why I’m looking forward to reading your book!). To be honest this place isn’t even close to the caricature (which it used to be like back in the 70s or so). Maybe one department, but most profs would join hands with you on most things. I still have my frustrations (plenty of them), but who doesn’t?

    Anyhow, we actually met briefly at SBL last year in New Orleans. Some buddies and I were talking to Mike Bird and you stopped to say hello (that guy is a hoot), and a few of us were reading your “Reading Paul” book (which is awesome) at the time so we introduced ourselves. I was able to attend the GOCN session as well, where you presented on Phil 2:5-11. It was a good time (I’d love to hear more about how it went this year if you’re ever interested in posting about it). I had coffee with Michael Barram afterward, who is a really great guy. The whole “missional” discussion is thrilling to me because I see it as so much more promising than a “reformed resurgence” or whatever else. I hope it picks up steam.

    Under the influence of N.T. Wright and others (another was Michael Frost, who is in the “missional” conversation so you may be aware of him), I’ve decided not to pursue a PhD but go in to other work…occupational therapy to be exact, in an attempt to help give people those “foretastes” “previews” and “glimpses” of the age to come (Wright doesn’t say “don’t get a PhD,” of course, but his hermeneutic encompasses much more of life than I’ve traditionally heard so it had a big impact). I’ve come to see how much more than just full-time vocational ministry can be used for the kingdom (especially healthcare & education). Ideally I’d like to be bi-vocational some day, perhaps starting some type of educational system at a church part-time where I teach lay adults (young & old) seminary-style courses over things like exegesis, biblical theology, historical theology, cross-cultural ministry, etc. in an attempt to help bridge the gap between the academy & the church. I think that’s why I appreciate you so much since you seem to share my heart about that. That, as well as demonstrating kingdom life in the here & now, is my passion.

    Thanks for the interest! I actually think you were interested & not just trying to be polite! (though you can correct me if I’m wrong :-) )

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