Crossquotes (2)

“Those who bear crosses work with the grain of the universe.” (John Howard Yoder)

“The cross is not only the source, but also the shape, of our salvation.”

(During Lent I will be posting some well-known and lesser known quotations about the cross. If their source is not indicated, then the author of this blog post is the source. I invite any reflections or observations about them.)

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  1. Mark Moore says:

    Michael, thanks for your quote on the shape of our salvation. This is one of those quotes that you can spend hours and hours meditating on, evaluating your life by, and conversing about with others. I really appreciate your work on cruciformity and just wanted to say thanks.

  2. MJG says:


    Thanks for the comment and the words of appreciation. Your own blog post on this quote is a good one. Thanks.

  3. elias says:

    “The cross is the thing about Jesus that disquiets and disturbes” (Gerhard von Rad)

  4. MJG says:

    Thanks for putting that one out there, Elias.

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