A Good, “Storied” Lent to All

I am back from a wonderful trip to Turkey and Greece, about which I will blog in the near future. Our Turkish guide with whom I have worked for years, is a kind and sensitive man who has a deep respect for Christians. He had never before been with me and a group on Ash Wednesday, so he asked me at breakfast how he should greet everyone. “Happy Ash Wednesday?” he asked. “Happy Lent?” I was a bit surprised by both the question and his suggested greetings, but quickly and rather unreflectively responded that the greeting felts a bit oxymoronic (or some similar term) and explained why, while also noting that in my experience no greetings were used at the beginning of Lent. So I suggested either to say nothing or to wish people a “Good Lent.”

So what might a good Lent look like?

Having had no time to blog for 10 days, I was happy to find Daniel Kirk’s post called “A Storied Lent” upon returning this morning. By “storied,” Daniel means recalling and re-living the story of the cross. I will have more to say about this subject, too.

Wishing all a good, storied Lent.

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