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Richard Hays Interview

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Over at the blog Hesed we ‘emet, my good friend Richard Hays of Duke Divinity School has been interviewed by a former student, John Anderson, now a Ph.D. candidate at Baylor. We learn something of Richard’s spiritual and theological journey, gain insight into his interests, and receive a foretaste of his forthcoming book on the use of the OT in the Gospels. A fine interview of a fine man and scholar.

Reflections on InterVaristy’s “Urbana”

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

There is a fine post by Nick Liao over at Duke Divinity’s Faith and Leadership blog on InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s triennial conference on Christian mission that just ended. “Urbana,” as it is called (named for its location at the University of Illinois until it moved, this year, to St. Louis), has had a profound effect on many young Christian leaders, including some of my friends as well as my own children and their friends and spouses.

Nick works for IVPress, but I think his piece is a fair and helpful analysis of what IVCF is up to these days—all very positive in my view.