Intersection: Christmas and the New Year in Divine Perspective

These words from my friend Margo, an Orthodox Christian, are worth bearing in mind at this time of year:

Ah, the intersection we celebrate today—the intersection of Divine Glory with humankind for all time and all peoples. Imagine—that once upon a time, the God of the universe looked out on all the celestial galaxies he had created and chose, of them all, one of the smallest planets, and one of the smallest nations, one of the smallest towns, one of the smallest inn-side stables—there to be born as a tiny, helpless babe. Is it any wonder the whole earth sings today? And so may we, and may you too, join in this universal song: “Joy, joy, joy!”

We wish you a blessed intersection this year—a transforming moment in time, when God and you intersect again, anew, for a truly blessed new year.

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