Audio of Biblical Lectures and Courses Online

Over at Text, Community & Mission, Daniel has posted a very nice set of links to audio courses (some) and lectures (many) in the area of biblical studies. The majority of the lectures are by prominent American and British evangelical scholars, but there are others, too. Among those you can listen to are Dale Allison, Richard Bauckham, Greg Beale, Walter Brueggemann, Jimmy Dunn, Bart Ehrman, Craig Evans, Simon Gathercole, Beverly Roberts Gaventa [under "R"], Justo Gonzalez, Christine Hayes, Richard Hays, Larry Hurtado, Bob Jewett, Craig Koester, Juergen Moltmann, John Polkinghone, Peter Stuhlmacher, Chris Seitz, Kevin Vanhoozer, Francis Watson, John Webster, Ben Witherington, and N.T. Wright.

Update: Daniel informs me that he also has a Biblical Studies on iTunes page. These are courses (mainly) and some other lectures from various seminaries and universities.

Lots to listen to with free time during the Christmas season!

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  1. Thanks for the link. I also have a Biblical Studies on iTunes page. Others have commented on how most of my links are for American and British conservatives, so if you know of any other available links I would love add to them to the list.

    Thanks again!

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