Guess Who?

The following quotation is from the first paragraph of a preface I am writing to a collection of essays by one individual. Who do you think it is?

Of very few people can it be legitimately said that their work fundamentally reconfigured the landscape of two theological disciplines. But if there is anyone in recent memory who would be worthy of such an accolade, it is ________. The two disciplines are, of course, theological ethics and biblical studies—though ________ would cringe at their separation, and [his/her] work was both explicitly and implicitly a prolonged exercise in maintaining their indissoluble union. For ________, to hear the word rightly was to do the word publicly.

11 Responses to “Guess Who?”

  1. Craig Beard says:

    Sounds like Richard Hays to me.

  2. Chris Jones says:

    I agree with Mike and Craig.

  3. MJG says:

    OK, we are all agreed that it sounds like Richard Hays, and it could be. Anyone who knows me knows my great fondness for Richard and his work.

    There is a hint, however, that this person is no longer with us (“recent memory”).

  4. MJG says:

    To those who read the post right after it went up, please note that what is currently there is slightly edited. The word “fundamentally” has replaced “thoroughly.”

  5. elias tannous says:

    john howard yoder?

  6. Angela says:

    Let’s see– Did this person “hear” and “do” the word in the First Century, Twentieth Century, or Twenty-first Century?

  7. ajk says:

    Yoder. An interesting take on him is at

    He spoke at the EI in the early/mid 90′s if I recall — sorry I missed him.

  8. Angela says:

    Yes, I agree, it’s Yoder.

    Thanks, ajk for the link.

  9. simon jones says:

    It could be Martin Hengel – wise and wonderful scholar no longer with us

  10. MJG says:

    Thanks to those who guessed. The answer has been posted in a later post.

    Simon: As for Hengel, he was indeed a great scholar, but he did not reconfigure theological ethics even though he wrote some good books touching on that subject, including one on wealth and poverty.

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