Another Voice on Missional Interpretation

Over at Sets ‘n’ Service Tony Stiff has a downloadable pdf file that is a nice synthesis of his interaction with a number of voices in the area of missional interpretation, with some of Tony’s own insights as well.

Tony also has some recent posts of video-interviews with my office-next-door neighbor at Duke, Jeremy Begbie (on theology and the arts—with Jeremy at the piano) and with the late Henri Nouwen. Tony’s blog is worth following.

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  1. Mike Cantley says:

    Thanks for this!

    Readers might check their libraries…I found our school has Begbie’s Theology, Music & Time in on line format.

    See ya,
    Mike C.

    PS – I like that swanky new heading on your blog!

  2. Tony Stiff says:

    Dr. Gorman thank you for the kind words and for linking people to the paper! I’m looking forward to learning more about missional hermeneutics as you develop your series and from the SBL session on reading Philippians missionally.

    Tony Stiff

  3. MJG says:


    You are welcome. Keep up the good work!


    What does “online format” man in this case?

  4. Mike Cantley says:

    This Begbie book is an e-brary or electronic book. Pretty cool so far! You always send me to good stuff.

    Mike C.

  5. Mike Cantley says:

    Mike and Tony,

    Thanks for sharing this “Missional” pdf. I am going to share this with our bible study group.

    Mike C.

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