Rick Steeves and I in the Footsteps of Paul

Not together, unfortunately.

I will be leading my fifth trip to Greece and Turkey, “The Cities of Paul and John,” February 11-21, 2010. It’s a great trip, and I am always eager to share my experiences (and Illume, the company I work with/for) with others. I am also usually able to take students from other institutions with me.

What about Rick Steeves?

Rick Steeves is a wonderful travel writer and travel documentary producer. He is also an active Lutheran. The following 40-minute video features Steeves following in Paul’s footsteps. Though not an academic resource, it includes commentary by biblical scholars, including Craig Koester, whose own web sites of his travels (here [Paul] and here [Revelation]) have great photos.

Source: ELCA Book of Faith web site.

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  1. Angela says:

    Hi, Michael!

    Last August, I travelled to Israel and turned the experience into a Directed study course upon my return and in the last few months, I have been “eyeing” BAR’s trip to Turkey (In the Footsteps of Paul) hosted by another scholar.

    What is the process and/or criteria for you to take students from other institutions?

  2. Angela says:

    Hi, Michael,
    I wanted to clarify that my journey to Israel was a study trip and when I returned home, I worked with my institution to develop the trip into a Directed study course.

  3. MJG says:

    If you take the trip with me as a course, you enroll for the term as a p-t student at St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore (SMSU). There are course requirements to do before (reading), during (a journal), and after (two papers for graduate students; one for u.g.) the trip. We need a letter from the student’s dean that he/she is in good standing and that the institution permits the student to go and earn credit with is. The credit (graded) is earned with us and transferred to the student’s school.

    If you and the institution preferred, I’m quite sure a directed study there could be arranged, and then you would not have to pay tuition and fees (which are not a lot, but they are above the cost of the trip per se) to us.

    Feel free to continue this conversation with an email to me at SMSU.

  4. Angela says:

    I will dialogue with my institution and continue this wonderful (The Cities of Paul and John) conversation with you!!

    Thank you for the information!!

  5. MJG says:

    Sounds good. Maybe email me about where you are studying, etc.

  6. Angela says:

    No problem. Thank you!

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