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Biblical Manuscript Fully Online

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

As of Monday, one of the best and oldest Greek biblical manuscripts, Codex Sinaiticus, is fully online, about a year after the first portions were made available. Here‘s one of many articles (HT Libby), and here‘s the site link.

Anyone who has never seen a biblical manuscript in person—and anyone who has—will be fascinated by the images of this 4th-century text, and by what one can do at the site.

God’s Mission: Righting or Writing the World?

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

A few months back I gave a major public lecture on Paul called “Justification and Justice: Paul, the Mission of the Church, and the Salvation of the World.” In the lecture I picked up on NT Wright’s theme of God’s “putting the world to rights.” Deciding to avoid the British idiom, I said (perhaps several times) that according to Paul God is “righting” the world, as in righting a capsized ship or setting right that which is out of alignment.

A journalist heard my talk of God’s “righting the world” as God’s “writing the world”—and was apparently quite taken by the idea. (OK, I confess: Yes, I am a closet process theologian. Just kidding. :-) ) In fact, it turned her on to Paul once again, and she wrote about that at length.

This little episode raises all kinds of interesting questions about hermeneutics, etc., but most importantly it raises the question, “Did the journalist have an unintentional brilliant insight into Paul and into God?” Is that what the missio Dei is in some sense? Writing the world? What might that mean?