Steve Fowl on Theological Interpretation

Steve Fowl has a new little book called Theological Interpretation coming out from Cascade (Wipf and Stock). Over at Christian Theology and the Bible, hosted by Chris Spinks, there is a series of excerpts from the book, especially focusing on Steve’s discussion of history/historical criticism and its relationship to theological interpretation.

Here’s my endorsement of the book for Cascade:

Steve Fowl has been both a pioneer and a leader in the return to theological interpretation. In this concise book, he offers us a truly theological and ecclesial account of theological interpretation. It is an inspiring, liberating, and practical work, encouraging all Christians to interpret Scripture so as to find our proper end in ever-deeper communion with God and one another in anticipation of the fullness of God’s reign.

BTW, Steve will be the respondent at a session on missional interpretation at SBL this fall.

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