Theologians without Borders

In preparing for my upcoming teaching visit to Cameroon, home to some of our alums, I discovered an organization called Theologians Without Borders. Similar in spirit to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, Theologians Without Borders connects needs for teaching in theological schools and churches (e.g., pastors conferences) with gifted and educated volunteers (professors, pastors, etc.) elsewhere.

As a big believer in the benefits of teaching (and thus learning) in new contexts, as well as in the universality and diversity of the church, I recommend this organization and this kind of experience. (I will of course have more to say when I return).

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  1. ferdinand oriazowan says:

    thanks for your post we I and my wife has had quiet a nice experience in teaching and delivering lectures and speaking in different countries as medical missionaries . it has greatly imparted our ministries as we are exposed to cross cultural issues and in handling conflicts among missionaries from different axis of the world and propagating the theology of collaboration . in this endtime we need to collaborate in the work of the ministry to tear down denominationalism . what I think we need is a wholistic approach to teachings right from our seminaries and bible colleges this stands to be translated to all arms of ministries as the graduants get to the mission fields and their pastoral offices

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