Revelation and Empire

On the subject of Revelation and empire, which came up in a comment on yesterday’s post, let me mention that the January 2009 issue of the journal Interpretation is entitled “Revelation as a Critique of Empire.” It includes articles by Craig Koester (excellent), David Barr (another excellent piece), Warren Carter, and Allen Dwight Callahan, plus some related homiletical reflections. The pieces overlap a bit and sometimes are provocative without being concrete (especially Carter and Callahan), but this is a good starting place. (A short trial online subscription is available–then get it!) (Full disclosure: I am on the editorial board of Interpretation and helped plan this issue.)

2 Responses to “Revelation and Empire”

  1. Greg Carey says:

    Doesn’t feel right to self-promote, Michael, but my essay, “The Book of Revelation as Counter-Imperial Script,” is in Horsley’s volume, In the Shadow of Empire.

  2. MJG says:

    Thanks much for the reference, Greg. The title alone is important–what exactly is Revelation? Too much emphasis on the explicit triad of apocalypse, prophecy, and letter can avoid the question of the actual content and function of the book. I have used somewhat similar language myself, as well as “manifesto against civil religion.”

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